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Unbalanced and over current Fault protection in low voltage DC bus micro grid systems

  title={Unbalanced and over current Fault protection in low voltage DC bus micro grid systems},
  • Published 2016
  • Engineering
Unlike traditional AC distribution systems, protection has been challenging for DC systems. Multi-terminal DC power systems do not have the years of practical experience and standards that AC power systems have. Also, the current power electronic devices cannot survive or sustain high magnitude faults. Converters will shut down to protect themselves under faulted conditions. This makes locating faults in DC system difficult, and causes the DC bus to de-energize. A fault protection algorithm and… 
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  • in 2005 and Post graduation in Power Electronics & Drives in P.G.P
  • 2012
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M 3 doing third year B.E. Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Er.Perumal Manimekalai College of Engineering
  • 2016