Unavailability of online supplementary scientific information from articles published in major journals

  title={Unavailability of online supplementary scientific information from articles published in major journals},
  author={Evangelos Evangelou and Thomas A. Trikalinos and John P. A. Ioannidis},
  journal={The FASEB Journal},
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Printed articles increasingly rely on online supplements to store critical scientific information, but such data may eventually become unavailable. We checked the current availability of online supplementary scientific information published in six top‐cited scientific journals (Science, Nature, Cell, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA). Here we show that in 4.7% and 9.6% of articles with online supplementary material, some of the… Expand
The Use of the World Wide Web by Medical Journals in 2003 and 2005: An Observational Study
The aim was to characterize ways that journals were using the World Wide Web in 2005 and note changes since 2003 and there was little evidence of journals using the Web to provide readers an interactive experience with the data or with each other. Expand
Public Availability of Published Research Data in High-Impact Journals
A substantial proportion of original research papers published in high-impact journals are either not subject to any data availability policies, or do not adhere to the data availability instructions in their respective journals. Expand
Policies regarding public availability of published research data in pediatrics journals
No correlation was found between the value of a journal’s impact factor and the availability of open data, and the policies on openness in sharing scientific research data in a sample of pediatric journals. Expand
The Prevalence and Inaccessibility of Internet References in the Biomedical Literature at the Time of Publication
The prevalence of Internet citations in journals included in PubMed is small (<1%); however, the inaccessibility rate at the time of publication is considered substantial. Expand
Reproducible Research Practices and Transparency across the Biomedical Literature
There is a growing movement to encourage reproducibility and transparency practices in the scientific community, including public access to raw data and protocols, the conduct of replication studies,Expand
Enhanced display of scientific articles using extended metadata
  • R. Page
  • Computer Science
  • J. Web Semant.
  • 2010
This entry in the Elsevier Grand Challenge extracted extended metadata from a set of articles from the journal Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution and used it to populate an entity-attribute-value database, enabling an enhanced display of the content of an article. Expand
Sharing Detailed Research Data Is Associated with Increased Citation Rate
This correlation between publicly available data and increased literature impact may further motivate investigators to share their detailed research data. Expand
Practices, Policies, and Persistence: A Study of Supplementary Materials in Crop Science Journals
ABSTRACT This study compared practices and policies of 24 crop science journals to selected National Information Standards Organization/National Federation of Advanced Information ServicesExpand
Visualising a scientific article
This paper describes my entry in the Elsevier Grand Challenge “Knowledge Enhancement in the Life Sciences” contest. The entry takes a collection of fulltext issues of Molecular Phylogenetics andExpand
The quality of safety reporting in trials is still suboptimal: survey of major general medical journals.
The use of the Extension of the CONSORT statement may be associated with improving the quality of safety reporting in RCTs, but there are still deficiencies that need to be corrected to use quantitative objective evidence for harms in performing meta-analyses and making therapeutic decisions. Expand


Going, Going, Gone: Lost Internet References
The use of Internet references in academic literature is common, and Internet references are frequently inaccessible. The extent of Internet referencing and Internet reference activity in medical orExpand
Standardized retrieval of side effects data for meta-analysis of safety outcomes. A feasibility study in acute sinusitis.
Whether a systematic review and meta-analysis of standardized safety data is feasible by requesting information on side effects directly from the investigators of all 38 antibiotic trials on acute sinusitis published in the last decade is evaluated. Expand
“Link rot” limits the usefulness of web‐based educational materials in biochemistry and molecular biology *
The differential stability of biochemistry and molecular biology Web page resources based on their domain designation is described, and a set of authentic science education resources that were monitored for 24 months since their creation are presented. Expand
Web page change and persistence - A four-year longitudinal study
  • W. Koehler
  • Computer Science
  • J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2002
The article addresses two related phenomena: (1) the life cycle of Web objects, and (2) changes to Web objects. Expand
Web page change and persistence---a four-year longitudinal study
Changes in the topography of the Web can be expressed in at least four ways: (1) more sites on more servers in more places, (2) more pages and objects added to existing sites and pages, (3) changes...
Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Journal Citation Reports: JCR Science Edition (Institute for Scientific Information
  • 2003
An Analysis of Web Page and Web Site Constancy and Permanence
  • W. Koehler
  • Computer Science
  • J. Am. Soc. Inf. Sci.
  • 1999
Pleasing both authors and readers. A combination of short print articles and longer electronic ones may help us do this
  • Br. Med. J
  • 1999