Una nueva especie del género Hantzschia (Bacillariaceae) en Almería, España

  title={Una nueva especie del g{\'e}nero Hantzschia (Bacillariaceae) en Almer{\'i}a, Espa{\~n}a},
  author={Sa{\'u}l Blanco and Adriana Olenici and Francisco Jim{\'e}nez-G{\'o}mez and Fernando Ortega and Francisco Guerrero},
The diatom Hantzschia gadorensis is described as a new species from samples collected from a mountain pond in Sierra de Gador, Almeria, Spain. Its main features are: a low degree of dorsiventrality, the absence of a central nodule and the presence of conopeum recorded in the genus for the first time, which allows its discrimination from similar species. The wetlands of these mountains are thus confirmed as interesting spots of biodiversity still to be explored.