Un hématome intra-hépatique spontané révélant une péri-artérite noueuse

  title={Un h{\'e}matome intra-h{\'e}patique spontan{\'e} r{\'e}v{\'e}lant une p{\'e}ri-art{\'e}rite noueuse},
  author={Olivier Romano and Olivier Ernst and Pierre-yves Hatron and J Colombel},
Dolyarteritis nodosa is a necrotizing vasculitis of the immunocomplex type. Spontaneous bleeding into the bowel or kidneys is a well recognized complication of polyarteritis nodosa. Although the arteries of the liver are frequently affected in polyarteritis nodosa, clinical consequences are rare. We report the case of a spontaneous intrahepatic hematoma revealing polyarteritis nodosa. 

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