Un espace métrique linéaire qui n'est pas un rétracte absolu

  title={Un espace m{\'e}trique lin{\'e}aire qui n'est pas un r{\'e}tracte absolu},
  author={Robert Cauty},
  journal={Fundamenta Mathematicae},
  • R. Cauty
  • Published 1994
  • Mathematics
  • Fundamenta Mathematicae
We construct the example of the title. 

Solution du problème de point fixe de Schauder

We give an affirmative answer to Schauder’s fixed point question.

Sur les rétractes absolus Pn -valués de dimension finie

We prove that a k-dimensional hereditarily indecomposable metrisable continuum is not a Pk-valued absolute retract. We deduce from this that none of the classical characterizations of ANR (metric)

On a theorem of Jaworowski on locally equivariant contractible spaces

Ancel's method of fiberwise trivial relations is applied to the problem of characterization of absolute equivariant extensors. We obtain a generalization of Jaworowski's theorem on characterization

General Position Properties in Fiberwise Geometric Topology

The book is devoted to constructing embedding finite-dimensional maps into trivial bundles and investigating the corresponding general position properties.


We introduce the class of algebraic ANRs. It is defined by replacing continuous maps by chain mappings in Lefschetz’s characterization of ANRs. To a large extent, the theory of algebraic ANRs

Une généralisation de la conjecture de point fixe de Schauder

We prove the following generalisation of Schauder's fixed point conjecture: Let $C_1,...,C_n$ be convex subsets of a Hausdorff topological vector space. Suppose that the $C_i$ are closed in

LC-decomposability and the AR-properly in linear metric spaces

We investigatetheAR-property forconvex setsin non- locallyconvex linearmetric spaces.We introduce the notion of LC-decomposability for convex sets and prove that any LC- decomposable convex setisan


  • J. King
  • Computer Science
    Felicitous Underspecification
  • 2021
The results of embedding sentences containing felicitous underspecified expressions in certain environments, and embeddings under negation, and verbs of propositional attitude are considered, which give rise to a new possibility for update.



Une caractérisation des rétractes absolus de voisinage

We prove that a metric space is an ANR if, and only if, every open subset of X has the homotopy type of a CW-complex.

On extending mappings into nonlocally convex linear metric spaces

It is proved that the following spaces are absolute retracts: every F-space with a Schauder basis and certain function spaces along with their subgroups of integer-valued elements. It is also

Isotoping mappings to open mappings

ABsTRAcr. Let f be a quasi-monotone mapping from a compact, connected manifold Mm (m > 3) onto a space Y; then there is an open mapping g from M onto Y such that, for eachy E Y, g'(y) is not a point

Linear Topological Spaces

This chapter is largely preliminary in nature; it consists of a brief review of some of the terminology and the elementary theorems of general topology, an examination of the new concept “linear

Leray-Schauder theory without local convexity

Linear spaces, absolute retracts, and the compact extension property

We formulate a "partial realization" property and prove that this property is equivalent to the compact extension property. In addition, we prove that a linear space L has the compact extension

Factorization of certain maps up to homotopy

If/: X—>Y is a map of a space X into a space Y, we say that/ is a /oca/ connection in dimension n, provided that for every point yE.Y and every neighborhood N of y there is a neighborhood FCA7' of y

Basmanov, Foncteurs covariants, rétractes et dimension, Dokl

  • Akad. Nauk SSSR
  • 1983