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Un autre regard sur l'innovation. Un état des pratiques et des modèles organisationnels dans les grandes entreprises

  title={Un autre regard sur l'innovation. Un {\'e}tat des pratiques et des mod{\`e}les organisationnels dans les grandes entreprises},
  author={Charles Cuisinier and Emilie Vallet and Gwenola Bertoluci and Danielle Attias and Bernard Yannou},
Structuration d'un cluster d'innovation : Application aux projets d'innovation dans une grappe d'entreprises en gérontechnologie,
Nous proposons une approche de structuration des activites d’un cluster d’innovation. Nos apports se font a deux niveaux : une aide a la gouvernance et a la structuration des activites, et une
A Categorization of Innovation Funnels of Companies as a Way to Better Make Conscious Agility and Permeability of Innovation Processes
It is common in the Management Science and Design Engineering communities to represent the processes contributing to innovation in companies as a funnel or similar variants. It is assumed it is
Which research in design creativity and innovation? Let us not forget the reality of companies
An attempt to develop and make professional an innovation engineering based on a recent survey on innovation practice and organizational models led in 28 large companies and the belief that there is a need for a new method in agile management of radical innovation projects in company contexts.
Strategical and multidisciplinary steering of aeronautical projects on the basis of shared value model and innovation process
The mass production of aircrafts has been mainly led by the objective of both maximizing technological performances and minimizing the manufacturing costs. Within also the constraints of safety and