Un Acridoïde relique des Mascareignes [Orth. Acridoidea]

  title={Un Acrido{\"i}de relique des Mascareignes [Orth. Acridoidea]},
  author={Marius Descamps},
  journal={Bulletin de la Soci{\'e}t{\'e} entomologique de France},
  • M. Descamps
  • Published 1968
  • Biology
  • Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France
Endemic grasshoppers from the Mascarene Islands: a critically endangered island fauna
The species Pyrgacris relictus Descamps, 1968, only known from the holotype and believed to be extinct, is rediscovered in a 0.4 km2 locality, but is under serious threat as its only habitat has been strongly modified during the past months.
Phylogeny of the grasshopper family Pyrgomorphidae (Caelifera, Orthoptera) based on morphology
This study presents a phylogenetic analysis of Pyrgomorphidae, based on 119 morphological characters with 269 character states, and recovered the monophyly of the family and one of the two currently recognized subfamilies, Orthacridinae.
Grasshoppers of the Mascarene Islands: new species and new records (Orthoptera, Caelifera).
Five grasshopper species once recorded on the archipelago have not been recorded again and might correspond to temporary settlements/introductions, including a new species: Odontomelus ancestrus n.
Rampant Nuclear Insertion of mtDNA across Diverse Lineages within Orthoptera (Insecta)
It is discovered that numts are rampant in all lineages, but there is no discernable and consistent pattern of numt accumulation among different lineages and no evidence that a certain mitochondrial gene is more prone to nuclear insertion than others.
Searching for the optimal data partitioning strategy in mitochondrial phylogenomics: a phylogeny of Acridoidea (Insecta: Orthoptera: Caelifera) as a case study.
It is found that mtgenome data contain sufficient phylogenetic information to broadly resolve the relationships across Acridomorpha and Acridoidea, and it is shown that over-partitioning is often detrimental to phylogenetic reconstruction.