Ultraweak photoemission from dark-adapted leaves and isolated chloroplasts.

  title={Ultraweak photoemission from dark-adapted leaves and isolated chloroplasts.},
  author={{\'E}va Hideg and Masayuki Kobayashi and Humio Inaba},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={275 1-2},
Dark-adapted isolated spinach chloroplasts and leaves, unlike sub-chloroplast fractions, are capable of emitting ultraweak light spontaneously (50-125 counts/s per cm2). The emission of leaves is due to two processes with activation energies of 97 and 25 kJ/mol while in isolated chloroplasts, it is the result of a single process (98 kJ/mol), as indicated by the Arrhenius plots of the intensity. Emission spectra demonstrate that the terminal step of these reactions is the excitation of… CONTINUE READING

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