Ultraviolet renormalization of the Nelson Hamiltonian through functional integration

  title={Ultraviolet renormalization of the Nelson Hamiltonian through functional integration},
  author={Massimiliano Gubinelli and Fumio Hiroshima and J{\'o}zsef Lőrinczi},
  journal={Journal of Functional Analysis},
Note on ultraviolet renormalization and ground state energy of the Nelson model
Ultraviolet (UV) renormalization of the Nelson model He in quantum field theory is considered. E. Nelson proved that lime!0e T(H" E ren " ) converges to e THren in [Nel64a]. A relationship between a
Ultraviolet Renormalisation of a quantum field toy model I
We consider a class of Hamiltonians describing a fermion field coupled to a boson field. The interaction kernels are assumed bounded in the fermionic momentum variable and decaying like |q| for large
Integral kernels of the renormalized Nelson Hamiltonian
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  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 2019
In this article we consider the ground state of the renormalized Nelson Hamiltonian in quantum field theory by using the integral kernel of the semigroup generated by the Hamiltonian. By introducing
Renormalized Nelson model
In this paper renormalized Nelson Hamiltonian in quantum field theory is discussed. Gibbs measure associated with the ground state of the Nelson Hamiltonian is constructed, and the super exponential
In this article we consider the ground state of the renormalized Nelson Hamil‐ tonian in quantum field theory by using the integral kernel of the semigroup gen‐ erated by the Hamiltonian. By
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We treat the ultraviolet problem for polaron-type models in nonrelativistic quantum field theory. Assuming that the dispersion relations of particles and the field have the same growth at infinity,
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We construct Hamiltonians for systems of nonrelativistic particles linearly coupled to massive scalar bosons using abstract boundary conditions. The construction yields an explicit characterisation
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The translation invariant model in quantum field theory is considered by functional integrations. Ultraviolet renormalization of the translation invariant Nelson model with a fixed total momentum is
Absence of Ground States in the Renormalized Massless Translation-Invariant Nelson Model
We consider the model of a massive non-relativistic spinless particle interacting with a massless bosonic field, widely referred to as the Nelson model. It is well known, that a UV renormalized
Functional Central Limit Theorems and P(ϕ)1-Processes for the Relativistic and Non-Relativistic Nelson Models
We construct P(ϕ)1-processes indexed by the full time-line, separately derived from the functional integral representations of the relativistic and non-relativistic Nelson models in quantum field


The Infrared Behaviour in Nelson's Model of a Quantum Particle Coupled to a Massless Scalar Field
Abstract. We prove that Nelson's massless scalar field model is infrared divergent in three dimensions. In particular, the Nelson Hamiltonian has no ground state in Fock space and thus it is not
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The Nelson model describes a quantum particle coupled to a scalar Bose field. We study properties of its ground state through functional integration techniques in case the particle is confined by an
Abstract We consider a system of finitely many nonrelativistic, quantum mechanical electrons bound to static nuclei. The electrons are minimally coupled to the quantized electromagnetic field; but we
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We mathematically study the infrared catastrophe for the Hamiltonian of Nelson’s model when it has the external potential in a general class. For the model, we prove the pull-through formula on
Removal of UV Cutoff for the Nelson Model with Variable Coefficients
We consider the Nelson model with variable coefficients. Nelson models with variable coefficients arise when one replaces in the usual Nelson model the flat Minkowski metric by a static metric,