Ultraviolet photoreception in mantis shrimp

  title={Ultraviolet photoreception in mantis shrimp},
  author={Thomas W. Cronin and N. Justin Marshall and Carole A. Quinn and Christina A. King},
  journal={Vision Research},
An UV-sensitive class of photoreceptors exists in all regions of the retinas of mantis shrimps. UV photosensitivity apparently resides in rhabdomeres of the eighth retinular cell (R8) that lies atop each rhabdom; and in ommatidia where the R8 rhabdomere consists of microvilli parallel in a single direction, sensitivity is maximal when the e-vector of plane-polarized light is parallel to the microvilli. Spectral sensitivity of the UV photoreceptor peaks at 345 nm and is best explained by the… CONTINUE READING

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