Ultraviolet fixed point and generalized flow equation of quantum gravity

  title={Ultraviolet fixed point and generalized flow equation of quantum gravity},
  author={Oliver Lauscher and Martin Reuter},
  journal={Physical Review D},
A new exact renormalization group equation for the effective average action of Euclidean quantum gravity is constructed. It is formulated in terms of the component fields appearing in the transverse-traceless decomposition of the metric. It facilitates both the construction of an appropriate infrared cutoff and the projection of the renormalization group flow onto a large class of truncated parameter spaces. The Einstein-Hilbert truncation is investigated in detail and the fixed point structure… 

A proper fixed functional for four-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity

A bstractRealizing a quantum theory for gravity based on Asymptotic Safety hinges on the existence of a non-Gaussian fixed point of the theory’s renormalization group flow. In this work, we use the

Flow equation of quantum Einstein gravity in a higher derivative truncation

Motivated by recent evidence indicating that Quantum Einstein Gravity (QEG) might be nonperturbatively renormalizable, the exact renormalization group equation of QEG is evaluated in a truncation of

Physical renormalization schemes and asymptotic safety in quantum gravity

The methods of the renormalization group and the $\varepsilon$-expansion are applied to quantum gravity revealing the existence of an asymptotically safe fixed point in spacetime dimensions higher

Conformal sector of quantum Einstein gravity in the local potential approximation: Non-Gaussian fixed point and a phase of unbroken diffeomorphism invariance

We explore the nonperturbative renormalization group flow of quantum Einstein gravity (QEG) on an infinite dimensional theory space. We consider ``conformally reduced'' gravity where only

On the Renormalization Group Flow of Gravity

The coherent picture that arises from these studies provides significant evidence in favor of the asymptotic safety scenario, and suggests that quantized gravity remains predictive at arbitrarily small scales.

Fixed-Functionals of three-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity

We study the non-perturbative renormalization group flow of f (R)-gravity in three-dimensional Asymptotically Safe Quantum Einstein Gravity. Within the conformally reduced approximation, we derive an

On the renormalization of truncated quantum Einstein gravity

The perturbative renormalizability of the 2-Killing vector reduction of general relativity is investigated. Although non-renormalizable in the standard sense, we show that to all orders of the loop

RG flows of Quantum Einstein Gravity on maximally symmetric spaces

A bstractWe use the Wetterich-equation to study the renormalization group flow of f (R)-gravity in a three-dimensional, conformally reduced setting. Building on the exact heat kernel for maximally

General Relativity; an Einstein Centenary Survey

List of contributors Preface 1. An introductory survey S. W. Hawking and W. Israel 2. The confrontation between gravitation theory and experiment C. M. Will 3. Gravitational-radiation experiments D.

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