Ultraviolet emissions excited by accelerated electrons.


By employing an insulating zinc oxide (i-ZnO) as an electron accelerating layer, and an n-type ZnO as an active layer, ultraviolet (UV) emissions at 385 nm caused by the excitation of the n-ZnO layer by the accelerated electrons from the i-ZnO layer have been realized. By replacing the active layer with larger bandgap Mg0.39Zn0.61O and properly optimizing the structure, shorter wavelength emissions at around 328 nm have been obtained. Considering that the p-type doping of wide bandgap semiconductors is still a challenging issue, the results reported in this Letter may provide a promising alternative route to UV emissions.

DOI: 10.1364/OL.37.001568

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@article{Ni2012UltravioletEE, title={Ultraviolet emissions excited by accelerated electrons.}, author={P-N Ni and C-X Shan and S . H . Wang and B P Li and Z B Zhang and D-Z Shen}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2012}, volume={37 9}, pages={1568-70} }