Ultrastructure of the subepidermal musculature of Xenoturbella bocki, the adelphotaxon of the Bilateria

  title={Ultrastructure of the subepidermal musculature of Xenoturbella bocki, the adelphotaxon of the Bilateria},
  author={Ulrich Ehlers and Beate Sopott-Ehlers},
 Xenoturbella bocki is the only species of the high-ranked taxon Xenoturbellida. The species lives on marine mud bottoms at a depth of 20–120 m and moves extremely slowly by ciliary gliding. Nevertheless it possesses a well-developed body wall musculature with outer circular muscles, a prominent layer of inner longitudinal muscles and radial muscles that extend from the outer circular myocytes to the musculature surrounding the gastrodermis. The longitudinal myocytes are not compact cells, but… CONTINUE READING
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