Ultrastructure of the stylar canal cells ofCitrus limon (Rutaceae)

  title={Ultrastructure of the stylar canal cells ofCitrus limon (Rutaceae)},
  author={Fabrizio Ciampolini and Mauro Cresti and Giacomino Sarfatti and Antonio Tiezzi},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
The ultrastructure of the canal cells and the canal filling substance ofCitrus limon have been studied. At maturity the canal cells are very rich in cytoplasm. Their inner tangential walls lining the canal are much thickened and formed by two layers: the outer corresponds to the original wall, the inner is formed by subsequent deposition of abundant materials of different origin. This thickening occurs at the same time as the filling of the stylar canal. Both events are paralleled by… CONTINUE READING