Ultrastructure of the retinal synapses in cubozoans.

  title={Ultrastructure of the retinal synapses in cubozoans.},
  author={Gregory C Gray and Vicki J. Martin and Richard A. Satterlie},
  journal={The Biological bulletin},
  volume={217 1},
Cubomedusae (box jellyfish) are well known for strong directional swimming, rapid responses to visual stimuli, and complex lensed eyes comparable to those of more advanced multicellular animals. They possess a total of 24 eyes that are of four morphologically different types, yet little is known about the neural organization of their eyes. The eyes are located on ganglion-like structures called rhopalia. Each of the four rhopalia contains an upper and a lower lensed eye (with a cornea, lens… CONTINUE READING

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