Ultrastructure of the non-sclerotic glomeruli in childhood nephrotic syndrome.

  title={Ultrastructure of the non-sclerotic glomeruli in childhood nephrotic syndrome.},
  author={N. Yoshikawa and A. Hugh Cameron and Richard H. R. White},
  journal={The Journal of pathology},
  volume={136 2},
An electron-microscopic (EM) study of the non-sclerotic glomeruli was made in 96 children with the nephrotic syndrome in whom light microscopy had shown minimal change, focal global glomerulosclerosis or segmental glomerulosclerosis. EM showed a variety of alterations. Foot process fusion, duplication and crenation of the lamina densa, and granular and lucent expansion of lamina rara interna were noted in almost all patients in all three groups. Localised ulceration of the podocytes was noted… CONTINUE READING


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