Ultrastructure of sensory receptors on the labium of the rice brown planthopper

  title={Ultrastructure of sensory receptors on the labium of the rice brown planthopper},
  author={Dr. Richard S. Foster and Lesley J. Goodman and Jeffrey G Duckett},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
The ultrastructure of the sensory receptors located on the labium of the rice brown planthopper is described; possible functions of individual receptors are suggested on morphological grounds. Uniporous chemosensilla which may or may not possess a mechanoreceptive dendrite, domed multiporous chemosensilla, and mechanoreceptive pegs are present on the flattened labial tip. Mechanoreceptive pegs are distributed over the labium. The fine structure of a multilobed sensillum located on either side… CONTINUE READING

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