Ultrastructure of quiescent oocytes of Cebus albifrons.

  title={Ultrastructure of quiescent oocytes of Cebus albifrons.},
  author={Bartlett Barton and Arthur T. Hertig},
  journal={Journal of anatomy},
  volume={120 Pt 2},
Quiescent oocytes of the monkey Cebus albifrons were examined with the electron microscope. In many respects the ultrastructure of these cells was similar to that of other mammalian species. Elongate and oval mitochondria, lamellar Golgi complexes, small profiles of smooth endoplasmic reticulum, and vacuolar organelles were randomly distributed around a round nucleus which usually contained a nucleolus and clumps of heterochromatin. Among the unusual morphological characteristics of these… CONTINUE READING

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