Ultrastructure of feeding tubes formed in giant-cells induced in plants by the root-knot nematodeMeloidogyne incognita

  title={Ultrastructure of feeding tubes formed in giant-cells induced in plants by the root-knot nematodeMeloidogyne incognita},
  author={Richard S. Hussey and Charles W. Mims},
The plant pathogenic nematodeMeloidogyne incognita forms conspicuous tubular structures referred to as feeding tubes in special food cells, called giant-cells, induced and maintained in susceptible host roots by feeding nematodes. Feeding tubes are formed by nematode secretions injected into giant-cells via a stylet and apparently function to facilitate withdrawal of soluble assimilates by the parasite. In giant-cells in roots of the four host species examined in this study, feeding tube… CONTINUE READING


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