Ultrastructure comparée de la spermiogenèse et du spermatozoïde de trois espèces de Paravortex (Rhabdocoela, “Dalyellioida”, Graffillidae), Turbellariés parasites intestinaux de Mollusques

  title={Ultrastructure compar{\'e}e de la spermiogen{\`e}se et du spermatozo{\"i}de de trois esp{\`e}ces de Paravortex (Rhabdocoela, “Dalyellioida”, Graffillidae), Turbellari{\'e}s parasites intestinaux de Mollusques},
  author={Nezha Noury‐Sra{\"i}ri and Jean-Lou Justine and Louis Euzet},
Three species of the genus Paravortex were studied. Spermiogenesis involves progressive lengthening of the spermatid. No centriole nor axoneme were found. Thc mature spermatozoon is threadlike, 30μm long and aflagellate. It contains a nucleus, two longitudinal parallel mitochondria, numerous dense bodies limited by a membrane, a row of cortical microtubules and granules. The spatial arrangement of the microtubules wah deduced from a statistical analysis of their number in transverse section… CONTINUE READING