Ultrastructural studies of sporulation in Bacillus sphaericus.

  title={Ultrastructural studies of sporulation in Bacillus sphaericus.},
  author={Stanley C. Holt and J J Gauther and Donald J Tipper},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={122 3},
Spore septum formation in Bacillus sphaericus 9602 occurs 2 h after the end of exponential growth at one end of the vegetative cell, which retains a uniform diameter. The apparently rigid spore septum contains an inner cell wall layer which disappears when the sporulation septum "bulges" into the mother cell cytoplasm. This process occurs simultaneously with terminal swelling at the end of the cell containing the spore septum. It is suggested that the inner cell wall layer is peptidoglycan and… CONTINUE READING

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