Ultrastructural studies of developing goat oocytes in vitro.

  title={Ultrastructural studies of developing goat oocytes in vitro.},
  author={M H Rajikin and M. S. Meor Yusoff and Ramli Abdullah},
  volume={42 6},
The structure and distribution of organelles within developing goat oocytes at various stages of incubation were studied. In oocytes with 5 or more layers of cumulus cells, at 0 h of incubation, the zona pellucida had developed although zonation was not evident. Lipid bodies were present but no mitochondria were observed. At 20 h, the zona pellucida had differentiated into thicker and thinner regions. Clusters of membrane-bound electron-transparent bodies were present in the perivitelline space… CONTINUE READING


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