Ultrastructural patterns of human dentinal tubules, odontoblasts processes and nerve fibres.


The structure of the dentin, consists of the following elements: the odontoblastic processes, dentinal tubules and their periodontoblastic spaces. The odontoblasts are aligned in a single layer in the periphery of the dental pulp and secrete the organic components of dentin. The vitality of dentin is mediated too by the nerve fibres. The ultrastructure of the trigeminal sensory nerves in dentin, especially in relation to odontoblasts remains to be clarified. We studied the third molars and young premolars. The specimens were fixed in glutaraldehyde immediately after extraction. Our investigations give evidence to prove that the distribution of the dentinary tubules is homogeneous, containing a principal odontoblastic prolongation in the regions of the inner dentine, and only in special cases more than one. The area of the dentinary tubules and the odontoblastic prolongations' area were studied. The nervous fibres appeared accompanying 30-70% of the odontoblastic prolongations and their synapsis-like relation with the odontotoblastic processes was demonstrated. The existence of very few periodontoblastic spaces, and intradentinal sensory axons, as well as the intercellular connections will allow us to discover more about the mechanisms of the dentinary permeability, and its significance in maintenance and repair of the human pulpodentinal complex.

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