Ultrastructural localization of nonheme celluar iron with ferrocyanide.

  title={Ultrastructural localization of nonheme celluar iron with ferrocyanide.},
  author={Richard T. Parmley and Samuel S. Spicer and Celestino J. Alvarez},
  journal={The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society},
  volume={26 9},
The Prussian blue reaction was evaluated at the ultrastructural level as a cytochemical method to identify ferric and ferrous iron in rat bone marrow and splenic macrophages. Satisfactory tissue preservation and staining were achieved after fixation for 1 hr in 3% glutaraldehyde and exposure for 30 min to Perls's ferrocyanide solution before routine osmication and embedding. The acid ferrocyanide solution formed cuboidal and irregular electron-opaque deposits which localized ferric iron in the… CONTINUE READING


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