Ultrastructural evidence for neuronal regulation of growth hormone secretion.

  title={Ultrastructural evidence for neuronal regulation of growth hormone secretion.},
  author={Shigeo Daikoku and Setsuji Hisano and Hitoshi Kawano and M. Chikamori-Aoyama and Yasuaki Kagotani and Ru Jia Zhang and Kazuo Chihara},
  volume={47 5},
The morphological substrate for the central mechanisms that control growth hormone (GH) release in the rat hypothalamus was investigated immunohistochemically by light and electron microscopy. In electron-microscopic studies, a dual immunolabeling technique was employed to demonstrate pairs of peptides, i.e. rat hypothalamic growth hormone-releasing factor (rhGRF) and somatostatin (SRIH), rhGRF and substance P (SP), and rhGRF and methionine-enkephalin-Arg6-Gly7-Leu8 (Enk-8), in different… CONTINUE READING


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