Ultrastructural changes of the oenocytes of Gryllus bimaculatus DEG (Saltatoria, Insecta) during the moulting cycle

  title={Ultrastructural changes of the oenocytes of Gryllus bimaculatus DEG (Saltatoria, Insecta) during the moulting cycle},
  author={Franz Romer},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
1. The oenocytes of Gryllus bimaculatus are characterized by an abundant smooth-surfaced ER (ATER). In spite of the great cell size the plasma membrane never shows extensive infoldings during the moulting cycle. In addition to mitochondria there are very large numbers of microbodies containing peroxidase but apparently not uricase. Within the second part of the instar the microbodies lie along the clefts which run through the whole cell. 2. The following changes are observed in the course of a… CONTINUE READING

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