Ultrastructural and Histochemical Study on the Paneth Cells in the Rat Ascending Colon

  title={Ultrastructural and Histochemical Study on the Paneth Cells in the Rat Ascending Colon},
  author={Y. Mantani and Miho Nishida and Hideto Yuasa and Kyouji Yamamoto and Ei-ichirou Takahara and Takuya Omotehara and K. G. S. Udayanga and J. Kawano and T. Yokoyama and N. Hoshi and H. Kitagawa},
  journal={The Anatomical Record},
Paneth cells (PCs) contribute to the host defense against indigenous bacteria in the small intestine. We found Paneth cell‐like cells (PLCs) in the rat ascending colon, but the nature of PLCs is never clarified. Therefore, the present study aimed to clarify the cytological characteristics of PLCs and discuss their cellular differentiation. PLCs were localized in the bases of intestinal crypts, especially follicle‐associated intestinal crypts in proximal colonic lymphoid tissue, but were very… Expand
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