Ultrastructural Demonstration of the Absorption and Transportation of Minute Chylomicrons by Subepithelial Blood Capillaries in Rat Jejunal Villi

  title={Ultrastructural Demonstration of the Absorption and Transportation of Minute Chylomicrons by Subepithelial Blood Capillaries in Rat Jejunal Villi},
  author={Ei-ichirou Takahara and Y. Mantani and K. G. S. Udayanga and Wang-Mei Qi and Takashi Tanida and T. Takeuchi and T. Yokoyama and N. Hoshi and H. Kitagawa},
  journal={The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science},
  pages={1563 - 1569}
  • Ei-ichirou Takahara, Y. Mantani, +6 authors H. Kitagawa
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
  • ABSTRACT Chylomicrons from villous columnar epithelial cells are generally known to be transported only by central lymph vessels (CLV), whereas antigenic particulates derived from the intestinal lumen can also be transported by subepithelial blood capillaries (sBCs) in rat intestinal villi. The possibility of chylomicron absorption by sBCs was histoplanimetrically studied in the rat jejunum under a transmission electron microscope. The chylomicrons more abundantly presented in villous venules… CONTINUE READING
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