Ultrasound in fatty acid chemistry: Synthesis of a 1-pyrroline fatty acid ester isomer from methyl ricinoleate

  title={Ultrasound in fatty acid chemistry: Synthesis of a 1-pyrroline fatty acid ester isomer from methyl ricinoleate},
  author={Marcel S. F. Lie Ken Jie and M. S. K. Syed-rahmatullah and Chi Keung Lam and Prabhavathi Kalluri},
A novel 1-pyrroline fatty acid ester isomer [viz. 8-(5-hexyl-1-pyrrolin-2-yl)octanoate] has been synthesized from methyl ricinoleate by two routes with an overall yield of 42 and 30%, respectively. Most of the reactions are carried out under concomitant ultrasonic irradiation (20 KHz,ca. 53 watts/cm2). Under such a reaction condition, the reaction time is considerably shortened, and product yields are high. Dehydrobromination under concomitant ultrasonic irradiation of methyl 9,10-dibromo-12… 
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M.S.F., and Syed-Rahmatullah, M.S.K

  • (1991)J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans
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