Ultrasound imaging in diagnosis of superior mesenteric artery syndrome.

  title={Ultrasound imaging in diagnosis of superior mesenteric artery syndrome.},
  author={Sergio Neri and Salvatore Santo Signorelli and Enrico G M Mondati and Davide Pulvirenti and Elisabetta Campanile and Luigi di Pino and Maria Scuderi and N Giustolisi and Pietro Di Prima and Barbara Mauceri and Giovanna Abate and Danila Cilio and Maria Misseri and Rosario Scuderi},
  journal={Journal of internal medicine},
  volume={257 4},
OBJECTIVES We screened a cohort of subjects affected by various degree of dyspepsia to reveal if they presented a reduction of the aorto-mesenteric angle and to diagnose suspected cases of superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome. DESIGN Controlled, prospective, study. SETTING Subjects were studied as outpatients. SUBJECTS The study investigated a total of 3622 subjects referred to our department by their general practitioners for dyspepsia and/or abdominal pain. Interventions. Abdominal… CONTINUE READING
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