Ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation in infants: supraclavicular approach.

  title={Ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation in infants: supraclavicular approach.},
  author={Ossam Rhondali and Rachid Attof and Sylvie Combet and Dominique Chassard and Mathilde de Queiroz Siqueira},
  journal={Paediatric anaesthesia},
  volume={21 11},
BACKGROUND Ultrasound (US) guidance techniques are reported to be safe for internal jugular vein catheterization, although anatomic conditions are not favorable for this approach in infants. The subclavian vein (SCV) seems to be a better site for long-term central venous catheterization in children, with a supraclavicular approach to avoid compression of the central venous catheter between the clavicle and the first rib ('pinch-off' syndrome). We describe a new US-guided approach for… CONTINUE READING
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