Ultrasound-guided renal and hepatic biopsy techniques.

  title={Ultrasound-guided renal and hepatic biopsy techniques.},
  author={P D Modransky},
  journal={The Veterinary clinics of North America. Equine practice},
  volume={2 1},
  • P D Modransky
  • Published 1986 in
    The Veterinary clinics of North America. Equine…
Diagnostic ultrasound is an easy, accurate method of locating both kidneys and liver in the horse. Good contact between the transducer and body wall is essential for clear, precise images. The greatest limitation to ultrasonic organ localization and biopsy guidance is the inability of ultrasound to transmit through gas-filled structures and bone. These structures act as barriers to sound-beam penetration and prevent visualization of soft-tissue structures deep to them. Organ parenchyma can be… CONTINUE READING

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