Ultrasound-guided pulsed radio frequency treatment in Morton's neuroma.

  title={Ultrasound-guided pulsed radio frequency treatment in Morton's neuroma.},
  author={S{\"u}leyman Deniz and Tarık Purtuloğlu and Ş{\"u}kr{\"u} Tekindur and Kadir Hakan Cansız and Memduh Yetim and Oğuz Kılıçkaya and Serkan Şenkal and Serkan Bilgiç and Abdulkadir Atim and Ercan Kurt},
  journal={Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association},
  volume={105 4},
BACKGROUND Morton's neuroma is a perineural fibrosis of an intermetatarsal plantar nerve. Burning, numbness, paresthesia, and tingling down the interspaces of involved toes may also be experienced. Taking into account all of this information, we designed a prospective open-label study to evaluate the efficacy of pulsed radio frequency on Morton's neuroma… CONTINUE READING