Ultrasound-guided injection of methotrexate versus laparoscopic salpingotomy in ectopic pregnancy.


OBJECTIVE To compare local injection of methotrexate (MTX) under sonographic control to laparoscopic salpingotomy for conservative management of ectopic pregnancy (EP). DESIGN Prospective randomized study. PATIENTS Forty patients were randomized into two groups using a random number table. Inclusion criteria were an EP visualized by ultrasound with a pretherapeutic score < or = 13 as assessed by six criteria graded from 1 to 3: gestational age, hCG level, P level, abdominal pain, volume of the hemoperitoneum, and diameter of the hematosalpinx. INTERVENTIONS Group 1 patients injected transvaginally with 1 mg/kg MTX into the EP without anesthesia versus group 2 patients undergoing laparoscopic salpingotomy. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Postoperative hospital stay, decrease of hCG levels, success rate. RESULTS The success rates, defined by hCG levels returned to normal (< 10 mIU/mL [conversion factor to SI units, 1.00]), were 19 of 20 in both groups. Medical treatment was associated significantly with shorter postoperative stay (24 versus 46 hours) and a higher initial hCG level. Human chorionic gonadotropin returned to normal more quickly after laparoscopic treatment (14 versus 28 days). CONCLUSIONS In selected cases of EP with a pretherapeutic score < or = 13, MTX treatment appeared to be as safe and efficient as was conservative treatment by laparoscopy.


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