Ultrasound-guided cannulation of IJV in pediatric patients: are meta-analyses sufficient?

  title={Ultrasound-guided cannulation of IJV in pediatric patients: are meta-analyses sufficient?},
  author={Massimo Lamperti and Paolo Cortellazzi and Dario Caldiroli},
  journal={Paediatric anaesthesia},
  volume={20 4},
  • Massimo Lamperti, Paolo Cortellazzi, Dario Caldiroli
  • Published in Paediatric anaesthesia 2010
  • Medicine
  • typical in these patients (1,5), a thorough preoperative cardiac evaluation (including electroand echocardiography) is recommended. In summary, on the basis of our experience and review of the literature the following aspects of the perioperative management of a child with severe LCHAD deficiency deserve special attention: (i) thorough preoperative evaluation; (ii) perioperative intravenous infusion of 8.5% glucose in normal saline at a maintenance rate of 8 gÆkgÆday; (iii) close perioperative… CONTINUE READING

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