Ultrasound-guided artificial insemination

  title={Ultrasound-guided artificial insemination},
  author={Garc{\'i}a-Yuste Marta and M. B. Carvalho Claudia and Beatriz Gonz{\'a}lez S{\'a}nchez and V{\'a}zquez Portome{\~n}e Seijas Fernando},
Objetives: To evaluate the ultrasound-guided artificial insemination and its results : pregnancy rate in our hospital comparing both : ultrasound guided insemination and non guided insemination. Material and method: We studied 114 inseminations done in our hospital during 2013.: 69 women (60.5%) had insemination without ultrasound -guide and 45 (39,5%) without guided ultrasound. Inclusion criteria were: At least one patent tube, normal utero, FSH<12, <38 years, AMH<1, at least 5x106 movil sperm… CONTINUE READING