Ultrasound features of carpal tunnel syndrome: a prospective case-control study

  title={Ultrasound features of carpal tunnel syndrome: a prospective case-control study},
  author={Renato Ant{\^o}nio Sernik and Claudia A. Abicalaf and Benedito F. Pimentel and Andresa Braga-Baiak and L. Braga and Giovanni Guido Cerri},
  journal={Skeletal Radiology},
The purpose of the study was to examine the most adequate cut-off point for median nerve cross-sectional area and additional ultrasound features supporting the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Forty wrists from 31 CTS patients and 63 wrists from 37 asymptomatic volunteers were evaluated by ultrasound. All patients were women. The mean age was 49.1 years (range: 29–78) in the symptomatic and 45.1 years (range 24–82) in the asymptomatic group. Median nerve cross-sectional area was… CONTINUE READING


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