Ultrasound examination for measurement of femoral anteversion in children.

  title={Ultrasound examination for measurement of femoral anteversion in children.},
  author={Terje Terjesen and S Luqu{\'i}n-De Anda and Helge R\onningen},
  journal={Skeletal radiology},
  volume={22 1},
Femoral anteversion (AV) angles were determined by ultrasound and biplanar radiography in 63 children aged 3-11 years. With the patient supine, knees flexed 90 degrees, and legs kept vertical, only one ultrasound scan of the proximal femur was needed. The anterior tangent of the femoral head and the greater trochanter was used as the reference line. The transducer was tilted until this tangent appeared horizontal on the monitor screen, and the angle of tilt, which represents the AV angle, was… CONTINUE READING

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