Ultrasound diagnosis and follow-up of fetal hydronephrosis.

  title={Ultrasound diagnosis and follow-up of fetal hydronephrosis.},
  author={Fan Hui-l},
Objective:To study the criterion in ultrasound diagnosis and the natural course of fetal hydronephrosis.Methods: Renal ultrasound was performed in 3000 fetal,criterion for diagnosis of hydronephrosis was a renal pelvis with an anterior-Posterior diameter(AP)greater than or equal 6mm.The fetal were classified Into 4 groups according to the grade of hydronephrosis and were followed up regularly for at least l year.Group Ⅰ:only renal pelvis dilatation,6~10mm;Group Ⅱ:only renal pelvis dilatation… CONTINUE READING

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