Ultrasound-Assisted Infrared Drying of Pear Slices: Textural Issues

  title={Ultrasound-Assisted Infrared Drying of Pear Slices: Textural Issues},
  author={Filip Dujmi{\'c} and Mladen Brn{\vc}i{\'c} and Sven Karlovi{\'c} and Tomislav Bosiljkov and Damir Je{\vz}ek and Branko Tripalo and Irena Mofardin},
  journal={Journal of Food Process Engineering},
The aim of this research was to investigate the impact of high-intensity ultrasound as pretreatment on the duration of drying and texture characteristics of infrared-dried pear slices using different amplitudes. Ultrasound device with a power capacity of 400 W, working at a frequency of 24 kHz and amplitudes of 25, 50, 75 and 100%, was used for pretreatment. Drying was performed in an infrared dryer at 70C. The results obtained showed how application of ultrasound with various amplitudes… 
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