Ultrasonographic predictors of implantation after assisted reproduction.

  title={Ultrasonographic predictors of implantation after assisted reproduction.},
  author={Carolyn B Coulam and Mar{\'i}a Adoraci{\'o}n Bustillo and D M Soenksen and Stewart Britten},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={62 5},
OBJECTIVE To assess the utility of endometrial thickness, echogenic endometrial pattern, and uterine artery impedance measured as pulsativity index in predicting implantation. DESIGN Prospective case-controlled study of infertile patients undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). PATIENTS Four hundred five women undergoing ARTs were studied: 100 women after ET of thawed embryos in natural cycles (frozen ET), 107 women after standardized IVF-ET, 99 women receiving donor oocytes… CONTINUE READING


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