Ultrasonographic examination of the omasum in 30 healthy cows.

  title={Ultrasonographic examination of the omasum in 30 healthy cows.},
  author={Ueli Braun and Simon Blessing},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={159 24},
A 3.5 MHz linear transducer was used to scan the intercostal spaces of 30 healthy cows from dorsal to ventral on the right side, and the appearance, dorsal and ventral limits and size of the omasum were determined in each intercostal space. The size of the omasum determined ultrasonographically was compared with that determined postmortem. The distance between the omasum and the peritoneum of the lateral body wall was also determined electronically in each intercostal space by means of the two… CONTINUE READING

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