Ultrasonographic demonstration of duplication cyst of the ileum.

  title={Ultrasonographic demonstration of duplication cyst of the ileum.},
  author={Yi-Hong Chou and Chui-Mei Tiu and Huay Ben Pan and C J Yeh and Cheau Wei and Trina E. Chang},
  journal={Zhonghua yi xue za zhi = Chinese medical journal; Free China ed},
  volume={46 4},
The enteric duplication cyst is a term applied to an anomaly of the gut which presents as a cystic structure with a mucosal lining predominantly similar to that of the adjacent alimentary tract. It may be either due to an embryologic error in normal canalization or errors in the embryologic connection between the developing gut and neural tube, as a part of the split notochord syndrome. The preoperative diagnosis of a duplication cyst is difficult to make on the basis of conventional radiologic… CONTINUE READING


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