Ultrasonic energy backscattered from blood

  title={Ultrasonic energy backscattered from blood},
  author={Stephen E. Borders and Arnost Fronek and William S. Kemper and Dean E. Franklin},
  journal={Annals of Biomedical Engineering},
To determine how the ultrasonic energy scattered from flowing blood depends on the hematocrit, the rms amplitude of the audio Doppler signal from a range gated, pulsed Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter was measured for hematocrits ranging from 0.01 to 80%. For all investigated frequencies (5–27 MHz), the signal power, the square of the rms amplitude, was proportional to the hematocrit until 2%, reached a plateau at 10%, and was independent of the hematocrit over the rest of the investigated range… CONTINUE READING