Ultrasonic degradation of oxalic acid in aqueous solutions.

  title={Ultrasonic degradation of oxalic acid in aqueous solutions.},
  author={M D{\"u}kkanci and G{\"o}n{\"u}l G{\"u}nd{\"u}z},
  journal={Ultrasonics sonochemistry},
  volume={13 6},
This paper describes the ultrasonic degradation of oxalic acid. The effects of ultrasonic power, H(2)O(2), NaCl, external gases on the degradation of oxalic acid were investigated. Reactor flask containing oxalic acid was immersed in the ultrasonic bath with water as the coupling fluid. Representative samples withdrawn were analysed by volumetric titration. Degradation degree of oxalic acid increased with increasing ultrasonic power. It was observed that H(2)O(2) has negative contribution on… CONTINUE READING