Ultrasonic contrast study to indentify stomach tap water microbubbles.


In ultrasound scanning of the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, it is important to identify stomach contents which may appear as a cyst if the content is fluid or as a solid mass if the content is fluid with suspended food particles. By giving the patient a drink of two or three ounces of freshly drawn water, multiple strong echoes are produced from the fundus and the body of the stomach because of the microbubbles contained in recently agitated tap water and the microbubbles produced by the mixing effect of swallowing. These strong echoes will cause a "cystic" or "mass-like" appearance produced by the stomach contents to disappear. Thus, a false positive diagnosis is easily and rapidly avoided. The portion of the pancreas behind the stomach may also become more obvious. If the mass or cyst persists, the diagnosis of an abnormality is confirmed.


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