Ultrasonic characterization of the nonlinear properties of contrast microbubbles.

  title={Ultrasonic characterization of the nonlinear properties of contrast microbubbles.},
  author={W. Tao Shi and Flemming Forsberg},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={26 1},
The nonlinear properties of microbubble contrast agents have been used to create contrast-specific imaging modalities such as harmonic imaging and subharmonic imaging. Thus, a better understanding of the nonlinear performance of contrast microbubbles may enhance the diagnostic capabilities of medical ultrasound (US) imaging. The first and second harmonic, the 1/2 order subharmonic and the 3/2 order ultraharmonic components in spectra of scattered signals from Optison microbubbles insonified at… CONTINUE READING

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