Ultrasonic anomalies in La1∕3Sr2∕3MO3 (M=Fe, Mn)

  title={Ultrasonic anomalies in La1∕3Sr2∕3MO3 (M=Fe, Mn)},
  author={Hui Kong and Changfei Zhu},
The longitudinal ultrasonic velocity (Vl), magnetization, specific heat, and resistivity of polycrystalline La1∕3Sr2∕3FeO3 have been measured between 20 and 300 K. The material undergoes charge-ordering (CO) transition at about 200 K accompanied by an antiferromagnetic ordering. Upon cooling down from 300 K, a substantial softening in Vl above the charge-ordering transition temperature TCO and dramatic stiffening below TCO are observed. This feature is similar in character to that of charge… CONTINUE READING