Ultrasoft 100 nm thick zero Poisson's ratio film with 60% reversible compressibility.

  title={Ultrasoft 100 nm thick zero Poisson's ratio film with 60% reversible compressibility.},
  author={Chieu Van Nguyen and Vivek Maheshwari and Ravi F Saraf},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={12 4},
About a 100 nm thick multilayer film of nanoparticle monolayers and polymer layers is shown to behave like cellular-foam with a modulus below 100 KPa. The 1.25 cm radius film adhered to a rigid surface can be compressed reversibly to 60% strain. The more than 4 orders of magnitude lower modulus compared to its constituents is explained by considering local bending in the (nano)cellular structure, similar to cork and wings of beetles. As the rigidity of the polymer backbone is increased in just… CONTINUE READING
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