Ultrashort electrical pulses open a new gateway into biological cells

  title={Ultrashort electrical pulses open a new gateway into biological cells},
  author={Karl H. Schoenbach and Ravindra P. Joshi and Juergen F. Kolb and Nianyong Chen and Michael Stacey and Peter F. Blackmore and E. Stephen Buescher and Stephen J. Beebe},
  journal={Conference Record of the Twenty-Sixth International Power Modulator Symposium, 2004 and 2004 High-Voltage Workshop.},
An electrical model for biological cells predicts that for pulses with durations shorter than the charging time of the outer membrane, there is an increasing probability of electric field interactions with intracellular structures. Experimental studies in which human cells were exposed to pulsed electric fields of up to 300-kV/cm amplitude, with durations as short as 10 ns, have confirmed this hypothesis. The observed effects include the breaching of intracellular granule membranes without… CONTINUE READING
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